How to maintain your shoes

When you wear your Boncourt shoes for the first time, it is best not to do so in a damp environment. Wearing them in dry spaces allows the soleplate to harden and gives it a rougher texture that helps evacuate water.

If your shoes are wet, let them dry at room temperature before reuse. A wet leather sole wears two times faster than a dry one. It is best to avoid wearing wet shoes and to let them dry before use.

Store your shoes in a closet to prevent elements such as dust and sunlight. Use a plain wooden shoe tree to keep their shape and help to absorb moisture inside. Put the shoes in their pouch or in their box.

It is best to wear your Boncourt shoes alternately (every other day, for example) to allow the leather to rest.

Always use a shoehorn to put on your shoes. This prevents damage to the heel counter and prolongs the life of the latter.


Before polishing your shoes, make sure they are completely dry and clean by using a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt. Use a good quality shoe polish, we recommend beeswax, which helps maintain moisture levels and appearance of leather shoes. Take the time to rub the polish into the leather. This is beneficial in the long term and limits the cracks and crimps. Do not forget to apply cream to your shoes. The cream is used to maintain and nourish the leather. Alternate four or five polishes with a session of "creaming".

Leather shoes maintenance guide

1- Dust off your shoes with a soft brush to start.Remove traces of dust or mud. Take a soft toothbrush and gently rub the leather insist on creases and edges of the sole.

2- Apply a cleansing and nourishing cream on your shoes with a soft cloth after the leather is rid of all its residues. Let dry.

3- Choose a colored wax. Once the cream has penetrated the leather, begin the waxing process. Using a small brush, called palot, draw wax into the box and apply on the shoe. Start with the sides on the welts in a back and forth movement. It is advisable to choose a wax of the same color as the shoe. Let dry.

4. Wax the arch of the sole. Once the wax is dry, brush the leather one more time.

5- Finally, wipe with a soft cloth or tights rolled into a ball, to make the shoes shine. Once you have highlighted the shoes and it shines, let dry a bit before putting them on. They will be better waterproofed and shine will last longer.

Suede shoes maintenance guide

Start with a good shampoo. Brush your shoes  before washing in order to remove all dust, and put on shoe trees. Clean with Marseille soap. After washing, let dry on shoe trees, so they do not deform and let dry near a heat source.

Once your shoes are completely dry, restore the skin's hair using a special suede brush, that has harder bristles made out of brass. Perform back and forth movements until you get the desired effect.

Wax the edge of the sole. To give back colors to the edges of the sole, you can shine with a colored wax and a soft cloth. Be careful not to stain the skin during the operation. To prevent smudging, you can attach an adhesive tape over the edge. Let wax dry before the next step.

You can switch to waterproofing. You can find "special suede" aerosols in specialized shops. You can choose the colored ones if you want to sharpen the tone of your shoes. Apply evenly and let dry thoroughly.

Finally, brush the skin once more. Always keep a back-and-forth movement. The suede will look brand new.


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